Snow is falling quietly and I’ve been meaning to get this tied to my website for too long. Maggie and I have just returned from a wonderful vacation. We took a road trip down the 101 and the Golden Coast and back. I’ll be adding many posts on here in regards to the trip. As for the roots, I have long been considering where to grow them, and when to start. I think that there’s absolutely a few places to now consider, as my best friends and I are spread, and continue to spread out through the country in the future.

I’m tying myself to the best and most incredible person I have ever met. She makes me better. She wants to make the world better and I want to do the same thing. As for now, my roots are entangled to her. That’s more than I thought I’d ever have, and for now, it’s enough. I’m sure we’ll have hundreds of hours or more of conversation about where we want to live, me endlessly pushing for Alaska with a smile on my face knowing she’ll never go for it. Though, truthfully, I’ll be happy just about anywhere.


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